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Salut Hawaii - High Summer 2018


Hawaii in 1959 was the pure essence of summer and that’s exactly what direction we’ve taken for the basis of our new high Summer ’18 collection

In March 1959, the U.S. government approved statehood for the island of Hawaii. In June of the same year, the Hawaiian people voted by a wide majority (94,3%) to accept admittance into the United States; two months later, Hawaii officially became the 50th state. It brought a huge relief to the people of Hawaii and the joyful summer vibe had never been stronger on the beautiful island. The summer of 1959 was in many ways a landmark moment in Hawaiian history and it’s exactly this fervent time for the island that has inspired us for this high summer ’18 collection.

Our “Salut Hawaii” collection is a celebration of the freedom and acceptance which Hawaii felt that summer, replicating the heart and soul of the island life and serving as tribute to the birthplace of surfing. Hawaii has always been inspirational in many ways, from their multiple bright colours and patterns to the whole island lifestyle, lived and enjoyed by its natives. With the season soon approaching, we felt it was finally time to embrace this way of life and create a whole collection dedicated to the Hawaiian lifestyle.


The first known settlers of the Hawaiian Islands were Polynesian voyagers who arrived to the lands over the 8th century. Steeped in cultural history which resonates throughout native traditions, the island buzzes with an awesome, overwhelming pride. This dedication and admiration for the homeland is the focus of our collection, including bold, statement patches on the garments to nod to our inspiration. Always in-keeping with the Les Deux effortless style, we’ve played around with the tone of these patches, adding dusty hues to capture the historic moments of this great island and harken back to its beginnings.

We couldn’t, of course, tribute Hawaii without producing our own interpretation of the well-known Hawaiian shirts; carefree and exuding summer vibes with their bright, native patterns to reflect the island’s flora. Though the originals come in thousands of different variations, we’ve designed our take on the icon with two, unique native Hawaiian patterns to turn up the summer vibes and carry you through the season.

Summer to us equals colour and to create an authentic, Hawaiian-inspired collection, this had to be a focus of the designs. To bid a great welcome to Hawaii, we’ve used everything from bright purples and greens to seaside, light blues and cool oranges, bringing the island life into your urban jungle.

It’s our most beautiful high summer collection so far, paying homage to the freedom and acceptance that the island felt in 1959. We’ve endeavoured to weave the heart and soul of Hawaii into our garments with this new collection and can’t wait to see it decompress both your style and state.

Au revoir Copenhagen, “Salut Hawaii”.