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Les Deux Foundation


This is Les Deux Foundation

Throughout our lives, we have been blessed to live without any major concerns. It is time to share these blessings with those who are less fortunate and who really need a helping hand.

When we embarked on our entrepreneurial adventure with Les Deux, little did we know what an incredible experience this would turn out to be. One thing which stood for us, is that whilst we have had the opportunity to actualise our dreams, there are many less fortunate than us who have not been given the same opportunities.

Therefore, we created the Les Deux Foundation with the desire to help the less fortunate. By focusing on different projects that are close our hearts, we aim to improve the circumstances of the people we help. This desire to help does not stem from the fact that it is our responsibility to help, but it is due to the privileges others have not had. This is our way of giving back to the world for all the great chances that we have been given.

Being international has been part of our DNA since our founding, so the projects that we commit to are both national and international. You can read more about our international projects here.