Les Inadaptés - Autumn/Winter 2018

The mysterious brotherhoods of society’s misfits

Diversity in people is a beautiful and inspiring presence. Regardless of whether we understand the opposition, the further away the other person's lifestyle is from our own, the more interesting and informative it can be, and naturally the more curious we are to appreciate it and expand our knowledge. For this collection, we took a step outside our comfort zone and submerged ourselves into different brotherhoods of society’s misfits from around the world. From The Foreign Legion to Hooliganism and everything in between, here are our thoughts on the communities that have, and continue to disrupt, social norms to define their own space within society.



The expression “Social Misfits”, is easily perceived as a negative thing, suggesting someone who doesn’t fit in. But just to be clear, that’s not how we see it at Les Deux. “Social Misfits” are pure inspiration and we take great interest in exploring the little-known wonders of their lives that are connected to the brotherhood they belong to. Looking into Hooliganism and The Foreign Legion to going back to the early beginnings of boarding schools etc., they all share a fraternal instinct which unite them and brand them into this category of social misfits.

We have looked deep into fascinating subcultures from all over the world to try to get an understanding of these people, the society they live in and from where they get their inspiration. The design journey for this collection has opened our eyes to cultures we never even dreamt of; these previously unknown entities now weaved into our concept are what make it the most exciting collection to date.


The subcultures we looked into share a lot of common ground, but they have two standout aspects that powerfully unite them: their unwavering brotherhood and the “Social Misfit” stamp with which they have been branded by society. Fraternity is bred from several sources, from possibly a social need or the passion for a certain lifestyle. A brotherhood is, for these people, much more than just a members club; it is space where they feel part of something bigger, secure and confident in their own community.

Liked or disliked by society, these people are proud of who they are and often show it through informal uniforms in a wide variation of inspiring designs. The “Social Misfit” is often given to these subcultures because they are like eclectic performing acts, far away from the common behaviour of their main society. It can be anything from their striking appearance or specific social class to how they have been raised. These facets to their characters notably set them apart from the rest of society, making them interesting studies to gain further understanding and appreciation.

Common to all of the brotherhoods of social misfits we looked into is their individual dress codes, uniting them all within the same fraternity. Whether it is pre-conceived and elaborately displayed or unspoken but present, their dress shows their unity and support to whoever their brothers may be.